As Israel's premier intellectual property firm, we have been involved in numerous complex litigations in Israel in recent years. We represent major multinational corporations as well as smaller companies and individuals, in various intellectual property related cases before the Israeli Patents and Trademarks Office, civil courts and appellate courts. Our trial attorneys are seasoned and experienced litigators, who are known for being aggressive and focused. We draw on the legal and technical experience and skill of our professionals to provide our clients a knowledgeable and vigorous litigation team, and help our clients defend and enforce their intellectual property rights. It is our goal to put our clients in a superior strategic position in every litigation case.

We provide the full range of litigation services, including:

  • Patent infringement litigation
  • Patents Office proceedings
  • Trademark infringement and passing off litigation
  • Trademark Office proceedings
  • Domain name and cyber squatting disputes
  • Copyright infringement litigation
  • Licensing, distribution and other transactional disputes